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Oh, jingle bells, what fun it is to plan letter activities based on the holiday.  We put the lyrics to Jingle Bells in the letter J, printed and cut it out, attached a bell, and it’s J is for Jingle … Bells (or bell, since we only used one).

I gave this J to my daughter to color after I printed and cut it out.  She had much more fun finding and pointing out the letter J’s in the lyrics then she did coloring it.  She then helped me by punching holes, and attaching the bell and the ribbon through the J.

As far as the bell, you can most likely buy these at a craft store.  We took one off of a Santa decoration that we had.  It was hanging off of his hat, and I thought he would still look cool without the bell.  So we used it for our project.

And Oh, what fun we had with this letter J project (the most fun part was running around singing Jingle Bells).

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– Michelle


This week we’re working on the letter H, and in sticking with our Christmas theme this month, we decided on H is for Holly.

I printed out a large letter H on the computer.  I then used the template at DLTK to make the Holly.  We used red pom poms for the berries.  My daughter glued the holly and berries to the letter H.  We then decided after to paint the letter H green.

I wasn’t going to put a face on this Holly, but my daughter insisted on the face (again template from DLTK). 

While working on this project, we talked about Holly as a Christmas decoration, and although I don’t have a great deal of knowledge about Holly plants, I do know that the berries are poisonous.  So we also discussed that these are called “berries”, but these aren’t the berries that we know and love to eat (or I love to eat).

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Happy Holly … days!