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We are all about Dr. Seuss.  Oh wait, no I’m all about Dr. Seuss.  If I could talk in rhyme all the time, it would surely be sublime.  Anyway, with Dr. Seuss’s Birthday coming up on March 2, we are doing a whole week’s worth of Dr. Seuss activities.

Surely, some will be outlandish and very silly, but this one my friends will surely be delicious.  We printed out some small images of the Cat in the Hat’s Hat to use as our template.  We put the template on a plate, covered it with plastic wrap, then made the Cat in the Hat’s hat using strawberries and yogurt.

It looks too cute to eat, but we did and it was such a treat!!

– Michelle


We recently attended a festival where I always like to have a craft table setup.  This festival was a Winter festival, and although there is very little snow this year, I really wanted to do a snowflake craft.

I finally decided on having the children make snowflakes using muffin cups.  You could also use coffee filters, but the muffin cups seemed to be an ideal size.

I had markers, crayons, glitter, and stickers for the kids to decorate the muffin cups.  If they chose to decorate the muffin cups.  Many of them wanted to leave them white.

They folded the muffin cups in half 3 or 4 times and made random cuts.  When they opened them up, they were beautiful!!

Some of us (including myself) even made snowflake flowers.

Ahh yes a world where snowflakes are flowers … what a world that would be.

– Michelle

I feel like this post may need a disclaimer because it could get messy.  We’ve had ours hanging for a few days and haven’t seen any water leaking or sudden bursts, but I can see it happen.  So please <insert disclaimer> only do this craft in an area where water spills can be easily cleaned or preferably outside (if you’re not in an area where it’s 20 degrees).

We made these water globes using paper plates, heavy ziploc sandwich bags, glitter, water, food coloring, crayons, glue, tape, and foam heart stickers.

First we folded the paper plates in half and cut a heart shape along the fold.  Once we opened the paper plate, the heart was in the center. 

We then decorated the plate using crayons and some foam heart and flower stickers.

We added a little bit of water, a dash of red food coloring, and some pink and white glitter in a ziploc bag.  We zipped the bag close, shook it, and watched the water turn red and glittery. 

We then added lots of tape to the ziploc bag then taped it to the back of the paper plate.

We added another paper plate to the back, and put a ribbon on the top.

– Michelle

In a previous post, we wrote about the Christmas play dough that we made.  We loved the Christmas play dough so much that we thought it would be great to do the same thing for Valentine’s Day.  We used the same recipe and made one change.  We added one tablespoon of cocoa and …

I know … these look good enough to eat, but they are not.  Please do this project only with children who you are sure will not eat the play dough.  And have a Happy Valentine’s Week!!

– Michelle

Love is in the air and in the water.  We made this heart fishing game using:

– cardstock
– heart paper punch
– paper towel roll
– string
– magnet

Our fish were made with love, I mean hearts (one large one for the body and a smaller one for the head).  We added a paper clip to each fish, and added a different number of hearts on each one to make this into a counting game.

My daughter decorated the paper towel roll, which we then turned into a fishing pole by adding string and a very large magnet

The object of the game is to catch a fish using the pole.  Once you catch one, you count the number of hearts and match it to a heart with the corresponding number.

– Michelle

We’re not sure if the Groundhog will see his shadow, but we’re prepared either way.  We made these heart groundhogs using:

– Construction paper hearts (a large one for the face, a smaller one for the ears, and an even smaller one for the teeth and nose)
– Glue
– Scissors
– Googly eyes
– Tooth picks (ones that do not have a pointy end) for the whiskers
– Craft stick

We added a larger black heart behind his face to act as his “shadow”.  We just put a small amount of glue at the center of the black heart, so that if the groundhog does not see his shadow, we can roll it away.

– Michelle

With the Super Bowl coming, we have been trying to think of some great football projects.  Here’s one that is pretty simple and requires very few supplies.

You will need paper towel or toilet paper rolls, paint, scissors, construction paper, and glue.

First cut the paper towel or toilet paper rolls into little footballs.  The kids can dip them in paint and make a football picture.  You can also make football fields with the construction paper and glue.

Simple, fun … TOUCHDOWN!!

– Michelle