Valentine water globes

Posted on: February 11, 2012

I feel like this post may need a disclaimer because it could get messy.  We’ve had ours hanging for a few days and haven’t seen any water leaking or sudden bursts, but I can see it happen.  So please <insert disclaimer> only do this craft in an area where water spills can be easily cleaned or preferably outside (if you’re not in an area where it’s 20 degrees).

We made these water globes using paper plates, heavy ziploc sandwich bags, glitter, water, food coloring, crayons, glue, tape, and foam heart stickers.

First we folded the paper plates in half and cut a heart shape along the fold.  Once we opened the paper plate, the heart was in the center. 

We then decorated the plate using crayons and some foam heart and flower stickers.

We added a little bit of water, a dash of red food coloring, and some pink and white glitter in a ziploc bag.  We zipped the bag close, shook it, and watched the water turn red and glittery. 

We then added lots of tape to the ziploc bag then taped it to the back of the paper plate.

We added another paper plate to the back, and put a ribbon on the top.

– Michelle


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