Valentine’s Day duct tape bag

Posted on: January 21, 2012

Ah, so they begin already … Valentine’s Day crafts.  I heart Valentine’s Day and really HEART Valentine’s Day crafts.  So here’s one we put together that will be perfect to hold all the Valentine cards that we receive.

You can make bags a number of different ways, but we did it with … duct tape, of course!

1.  Start with strips of duct tape sticky side up.

2.  Cover all the sticky duct tape with more duct tape, so that it’s no longer sticky.

3.  Fold in half and cut out a heart shape, or whatever shape the children want for their bags. 

4.  We added more duct tape to the inside of the bag, as our way of “seaming” (is that a word?) the outside.  Children can also wrap duct tape around the outside of the bag.

5.  If children would like to, they can add a handle.  We put a pipe cleaner on the sticky side of another strip of duct tape.

6.  And rolled …

7.  We then used a hole punch and made two holes in the back of our bag.  We put the pipecleaner handle into the holes, then added two small pieces of duct tape to the inside to hold our handle.

8.  Let children decorate their bags using more duct tape or by drawing on their bags (ball point pens work the best).

Love & duct tape!

– Michelle

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