New Year’s Craft for preschoolers: Clock noisemakers

Posted on: December 30, 2011

I love parties!!  I love to plan parties and pretend to plan parties, and my daughter loves this, as well.  This craft is a perfect craft for a New Year’s Eve party for preschoolers.

What you need:

– Paper plate
– Different shapes cut from construction paper to be used as eyes and a mouth.  You could also add triangle shapes and pom poms to be used as party hats for the clock.
– Party blowouts
– Glue
– Scissors


– Have children make a paper plate face (eyes and mouth).  They can draw the face or use cut-outs. 
– Make a small hole in the center of the “face” and insert the party blowout.  We used this as the nose, but if children prefer, they can add this to the mouth of the clock.
– Add the numbers 1-12.  You can write these numbers, have children write them, or use number stickers.  This project is great for children who are just learning to write.
– Add the clock “hands”.

Let children have fun blowing into the “blowout” and watching the clocks nose “grow”.

This is a great project that teaches children about time and the start of a new year.  It is also one  that can teach children about germs, and how they should only use their clock noisemaker.  But most importantly, it is a project that allows children to use their creativity and have fun celebrating 2012!!

– Michelle

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