Gingerbread people paper bag puppets

Posted on: December 19, 2011

Phew, that’s a long title and even a tounge twister, but it’s the perfect title for our project.  And I love doing projects that require only items we already have in the house.  We made gingerbread people paper bag puppets (really, just try it five times fast) using:

– Small brown paper lunch bag
– Googly eyes
– Construction paper
– Craft stick
– Scissors and glue
– Cotton balls or small pieces of paper towel (optional)

First we cut the bottom part of the paper bag off.  Then made a gingerbread shape on the bag and cut out the gingerbread shape (using the two layers).  We added some googly eyes, a mouth using construction paper, some pom poms on his or her belly.  Then added a flower to her head. 

When the front was dry, we added glue around the outside of the gingerbread person, and also added some torn up pieces of paper towel between the two layers.  I wanted the gingerbread person to be or appear fluffy, and we didn’t have any cotton balls, so we used paper towels.  We then glued the top and bottom parts together.

Let children be creative with this project, and give them a lot of different things to choose from.  Then you can have a puppet show or use your puppets to sing some gingerbread songs (and if you know of any, please feel free to share).

– Michelle

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